I want a degree!

I have noticed, that when I write about my life and my experiences, it usually appeals to a certain kind of audience. Often, it’s young people in the university or just about to enter or perhaps my age mates. The adults who read my posts are often like: “oh yeah, go girl, you have more years ahead of you! Young people must read this!”

And then there is those who are now married with kids (especially ladies), those who now have added responsibilities and have sort of closed channels to any improvements in their lives beyond what they have now. So I decided to talk to you about this woman. Let’s call her, Everlove!

So, Everlove loved the idea of being a teacher someday. You know in these times, most young people are in teacher training colleges and even nursing ones because of assured allowances or perhaps assured jobs in future. She, however, really wanted to be a teacher. She chose to specialise in teaching students who are deaf and dumb (Special education)… I’m not sure why. So that’s what she did for years and years… teaching “deaf and dumb” students.

Along the way, marriage happened, before she could spell jack, she had 4 kids! She still only had a diploma in education/teaching, same salary, and same level. Like many married women today, it looks like where you end your education is at the point you get married. Nothing much happens beyond that. Well… she was different, she wanted more!

You see, she was blessed with smart kids… I mean the type that laugh at her typos and correct her grammar and bring home all these homework and all of that. They did so only because she allowed it, however, and she was eager to learn from them too.  She wanted promotions at work too, but only had a diploma. She wanted to be more for them, to let them see that a woman could be more. So one day she said: “I’m going to have a degree!”.

She decided to go back to school.

Did I mention she had four kids?? Ok, so that comes with a lot of work! She had not been back into studying for over 15 years!! Trends had changed, she was old school, and she still had teenagers to control and a home to run. She had a job to keep, a marriage to sustain… but she wanted a degree too!

The only way to get that degree was to get another diploma from the university that qualified her to apply for a degree course since educational requirements, etc… had changed over the years! The university that offered long-distance courses was in Accra, 433 km from Tamale, where she lived with her family. There was nothing like flights to Accra from Tamale then, even if there was, she couldn’t afford it! So it meant 12 hours of travel over the weekend to Accra when there was the need for lectures… on those horrible roads, with those horrible STC buses that often broke down.

It wasn’t easy! It cast strains on a lot of things in her life. Her kids fell sick sometimes, she wanted to be by their side too in those times. There was this one time on one of her trips for weekend lectures/exams, in a bid to cart foodstuffs from Accra to Tamale, so as to save some money in running her home, she strained a tendon, hurt her back, stayed in pain for weeks! There were a lot of reasons why she could have stopped! Some unmentionable! But, Everlove, wanted a degree!

She soon got her diploma in Youth development. She put it to use immediately in her neighbouring environment… encouraging young men and women to uplift themselves and do better things with their lives. At this point, she was teaching mainstream kids now, because she could no longer handle the stress of travelling 24 km each day to the nearest Deaf school, the Savelugu School for the deaf. The Diploma, as well as various training workshops she often participated in,  did give her promotion at work as she hoped. She gradually rose to head a department, then to be an assistant headmistress, then headmistress. Nope, she still hadn’t forgotten her dream of getting a degree.

When she got to know of the long-distance degrees available at the same University of Ghana, she applied and gained admission to read Social Work and a couple other humanities courses. In fact on her matriculation, she matriculated with her third child! They both entered the university together, she however in was in the second year, because she had a diploma.

It still wasn’t easy for her, don’t be mistaken. She faced humiliation and criticisms from colleagues and other people in her life who felt she should just stay in the classroom as a teacher and stop being over-ambitious! They also felt she was trying to challenge men in her quest to get a degree, they felt she should take her place as a “woman”. Those comments, however, were like extra fuel for her passion. She so desperately wanted to prove them wrong!

I still remember how sad she was when she missed first class by less than one point… just one point! That would have made such an impact, but she took it in good stride!

She kept rising up in her workplace, from promotion to promotion, with determination and so much zeal!! Subsequently, she was enthroned as a queen mother in the Agave Traditional area with the stool name Mama Alafansi I

Today, she is the District Director of Education in the Lower Manya Krobo District of Ghana… and there is no stopping her and what next GOD has in store for her! She saw a vision and she pursued it to the latter!!! I visited her sometime last year in her office, when I saw how people bowed, how elderly men saluted whenever she got down from her official vehicle,  when I saw how people came in reverence to speak to her, when I saw how celebrated she was, I realized this wisdom:

“I took another walk around the neighborhood and realized that on this earth as it is— The race is not always to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong, Nor satisfaction to the wise, Nor riches to the smart, Nor grace to the learned”. Ecclesiastes 9:11

It’s never too late until you hit the grave. PLEASE, don’t die with your passion, don’t die with your vision, don’t bury your talent! She, who once was just a classroom teacher, is now a director of education!

That woman, Margaret Everlove Aku Vormawor, is my mother! I’m proud of her… of everything she has achieved as a woman! I’m proud to say I know her, that I slept in that womb she carries. It wasn’t easy, but nothing beats perseverance, prayer and faith!!! Won’t you want to give your kids that inspiration and pleasure too?? It’s still never too late!

She turns fifty something in two days, on the 30th of March, do join me wish her a blessed day. With people like her in the helm of affairs in our educational sector, I bet people would be motivated to achieve more!! I love you sweet mummy! Happy Birthday!

Have a blessed week! As always, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you!!




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  1. AAAmali says:

    Reblogged this on aaamali and commented:
    Hat doffed for an honour well deserved.


    1. realrhema says:

      Thank you Amali! 🙂


  2. sizwile says:

    I only got my Chartered Accountancy after marriage and kids, and this year am going back for a masters. Thank you for sharing, your mum is a ‘rockstar’ 😘

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    1. realrhema says:

      Wow! Amazing feat! More grace as you go in for your masters!!


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